Need assistance in the 340B environment?

Need to compliantly move beyond referral capture strategies?

New and unique challenges seem overwhelming?

AuthorityRx can help!

AuthorityRx (ARx) is here to help. We are here to provide you all the services you need today. From no cost annual auditing, pharmacy opportunity and assessment, reporting of claims to manufacturers, advanced claims capture and more. The time for a comprehensive pharmacy strategy is now.

What we provide

  • No cost annual 340B Compliance Audit (instant cost savings)
  • No cost 340B Help Desk Support (unlimited email correspondence)
  • Affordable ongoing Pharmacy Consulting and Education for Clients
  • Manufacturer Compliance Service to meet 10/1/2020 deadline
  • Advanced Capture Service – Move beyond referrals compliantly add 20% or more back to your program

We have reviewed over 40 Entities impact due to the Eli Lilly removal of 340B pricing at Contract Pharmacies.
We recommend that you consider complying with the manufacturer requirements to keep your program intact. More importantly, you need to consider additional services and strategy to offset your reduction in revenue, to keep your facility financially viable.

Here is our upfront fee schedule:
Annual independent audit no cost
Ongoing pharmacy consulting and education no cost
Implementation of services no cost
Advanced Claims Capture -Move beyond referrals various
Manufacturer claims reporting and validation* $1000.00/mo
*CAH pricing available

We can help

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